Piece of exploded SpaceX rocket found off British coast

Sabung Ayam On-line

HUGH City , England, Nov. 27 (UPI) — A piece of a rocket, considered to be from the SpaceX Falcon nine that exploded on takeoff from Florida in June, was identified near Britain Friday.

The barnacle-encrusted metal area of the rocket, about 32 toes by thirteen ft, was hauled onto a boat whose crew found it floating on the ocean’s floor in close proximity to the Scilly Islands, at the western finish of Britain. It was towed to the town of Tresco, exactly where U.K. Coastal Area Commander Martin Leslie decided it was a part of the exploded rocket.

The privately-owned rocket was carrying provides to the Global Area Station from Cape Canaveral, Fla., when it exploded on June 28. Pieces of the rocket fell into the Atlantic Ocean, and a single was evidently carried by currents to Britain.

A painted American flag and the name “Falcon 9” have been well known on the metal fragment.

Joseph Thomas, aboard the boat, said he originally noticed the rocket segment was surrounded by seagulls and imagined it was a useless whale.

Pete Hicks, also aboard the boat, stated on Twitter, “Towed in and beached a piece of flotsam before views ended up it could be aviation parts…did not imagine space race.”

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