Extremists Reach Out to Refugees in Germany

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BERLIN—The Paris assaults have elevated fears of terrorists slipping into Europe by posing as refugees. But in Germany, the leading migrant vacation spot, safety officers have one more fret: Neighborhood extremists will recruit the newcomers to be part of the Islamist lead to as soon as they get there.

German authorities warn that migrants searching for out Arabic-language mosques in research of the common are more and more ending up at these attended by Islamist radicals. In interviews, protection officials from Berlin to the southwest German state of Saarland explained they have registered a sharp increase in the variety of asylum-seekers attending mosques they considered attracted extremists.

Federal officials stated they have counted more than a hundred situations in which Islamists recognized to them have tried to establish get in touch with with refugees. According to state and nearby agencies across the region, Islamists have offered migrants rides, meals, shelter and translation support. In some circumstances, they have invited them to soccer game titles and grill get-togethers, or brought them copies of the Quran and conservative Muslim garments.

“They start by expressing, ‘We will aid you dwell your faith,’ ” mentioned Torsten Voss, the head of the German domestic intelligence agency’s Hamburg branch. “The Islamist region will come later—that is, of course, their objective.”

Security officials throughout Germany explain the potential radicalization of migrants, even now getting into the place by the countless numbers every single day, as a problem that adds to Europe’s current security threats. With Germany expecting to just take in about one million asylum-seekers from the Center East and in other places this yr, authorities are scrambling to avert new pockets of radicalism from forming.

Intelligence solutions say they have no evidence of productive recruitment efforts, pointing to the danger as a prolonged-expression issue.

Many politicians and migrant advocates argue that refugees fleeing Islamic Condition and religious conflict normally have no desire in extremism. Nevertheless, other people, including Jewish organizations, alert that numerous of the migrants are coming from places in which radical views are common.

“Many of the refugees hail from societies in which anti-Semitism and enmity of Israel are propagated,” Josef Schuster, president of Germany’s Central Council of Jews, mentioned very last week, urging that new arrivals be properly-integrated and arguing that Germany’s capability for undertaking so was minimal.

Germany—the European Union’s most populous country—hasn’t experienced a significant Islamist terror attack in current years, though it is home to a single of Europe’s premier Muslim populations. Portion of the reason, safety officials say, is that most of Germany’s Muslims have roots in fairly secular Turkey rather than the Arab globe.

But numerous of the migrants arriving now are from Syria and other Arab nations and are in search of out Arabic-talking mosques—some of which have ties to extremists, security officers say.

Berlin authorities explain the Ibrahim Al Khalil mosque, inside of a ramshackle, two-tale brick warehouse in an industrial section of the German capital, as a crucial conference level in the town for fundamentalist and possibly militant Muslims. On Friday, many just lately arrived migrants have been amongst the several hundreds who gathered for weekly prayers.

Several of the migrants there mentioned they had been there simply out of ease. One Syrian guy, who explained at the very least 40 people in his refugee shelter rode the subway to Al Khalil every single Friday, stated he experienced uncovered it by means of a smartphone application listing close by mosques.

“We arrive here to do our Islamic duty,” mentioned an additional Syrian, 27-12 months-outdated Ali Kafri. Referring to fundamentalist movements, he additional: “We really don’t care if it’s a Salafi or a Muslim Brotherhood mosque.”

The chairman of the Al Khalil mosque in Berlin, Adnouf Nazir, rejected the authorities’ claim that his congregation had ties to extremism.

“We want to live in peace,” Mr. Nazir said. “It can be that some men and women have other views, but that doesn’t mean that we are liable for this.”

Even now, a Berlin security official said the authorities had been registering with alarm the growing quantities of refugees at the Al Khalil mosque, as effectively as two other folks in Berlin that are witnessed as meeting points for fundamentalist Muslims.

The town dispersed a sixteen-webpage pamphlet to migrant-shelter staff before this month flagging these three mosques and alerting assist employees to the chance.

Islamists might “take edge of the refugees’ emotional circumstance to impact specifically younger folks ideologically, to create ties to them ideologically, and in the worst case to incite them to acts of violence,” the pamphlet says.

Protection officers mentioned that because fundamentalist Muslims approaching or recruiting migrants usually aren’t breaking any rules, the very best they can do is to hold a close view on extremist networks and to ask employees at shelters to be on the lookout.

Numerous of the groups discovered by safety officers as fundamentalist say they have only religious and humanitarian motives in supporting refugees.

Even with evidence that at minimum two Paris attackers entered Europe by blending in with the flood of refugees arriving on Greece’s shores, stability officials played down the chance of Islamic Point out fighters touring together the properly-trodden migrant route and into Germany. They argued that radicalized EU citizens could enter much more effortlessly via an airport.

“If I’m organizing an assault on Europe, I would pick the far more protected and less difficult route,” said Helmut Albert, the best domestic intelligence formal in the state of Saarland. “I would uncover folks from Western Europe with cleanse papers who are almost certainly not acknowledged to the security businesses. I would teach them, and I would send them to carry out the assault.”

In Saarland, on the French border, intelligence officers have long experienced an eye on a number of mosques they say entice followers of the fundamentalist Islamic strain acknowledged as Salafism. Officers discovered in early September that recently arrived migrants had been ever more frequenting those mosques, Mr. Albert said.

Mr. Albert explained that migrants now attend Friday prayers at people locations of worship in numbers ranging from fifty to two hundred for each mosque—sometimes accounting for fifty percent the faithful in attendance. The migrants appeared to be heading to these mosques merely to listen to sermons in Arabic and chat to Arabic-speaking locals, he mentioned. But in the lengthy run, he explained he concerned they might grow to be susceptible to the far more fundamentalist ideology of other worshipers.

“We’re watching to see whether, more than time, the refugees commence heading there not only since the sermons are in Arabic but simply because they’ve joined the movement,” Mr. Albert stated in an interview.

The wave of migration is exacerbating a dilemma that has vexed German safety officials for several years: how to deal with fundamentalist Muslim preachers who they suspect enjoy a position in radicalizing youths but really do not show up to be breaking legal guidelines in performing so.

One of the most notable of such preachers, a German convert to Islam named Pierre Vogel, revealed a how-to guide on Fb in September on achieving out to migrants to support them in their worship, even though it makes no recommendation of drawing them into extremism. The Salafist preacher urged his followers to carry presents and a compass to aid Muslim asylum-seekers pray in the route of Mecca.

The human tide coming to Germany has developed an chance for very good deeds—known in Islamic custom as hasanat—that would be rewarded after death, he mentioned in a movie posted on-line.

“We have the gold hurry, like in The usa in the time of gold when a single located the gold mines,” Mr. Vogel stated in the video. “One can now get gold mines of hasanat.” Mr. Vogel, who has explained he rejects violence in the name of Islam, didn’t respond to requests for comment.

Some 70% of the migrants arriving in Germany are considered to be Muslims, according to a spokeswoman for the federal domestic intelligence services. A best German professional on Islamic radicalization, Claudia Dantschke, explained she was progressively receiving queries from nearby officials on which mosques to recommend to migrants and which types to stay away from.

“These individuals really do not arrive listed here ready to be radicalized,” mentioned Ms. Dantschke, who operates a counseling program for radicalized Muslims. She additional that refugees needed to be swiftly offered a possibility to combine into German society. “We are responsible as to regardless of whether or not they ever turn out to be open up to radicalization.”

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