Islamic State Lured Son of Jordan’s Elite

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AMMAN, Jordan—In January, Mohammad Dalaeen joined his parliamentarian father in a protest in opposition to Islamic Point out soon after the militants captured a childhood acquaintance who became a Jordanian fighter pilot.

Nine months later on, the 23-calendar year-outdated carried out a suicide bombing for the extremist team.

Mr. Dalaeen’s transformation from a promising health care student to Islamic Point out fighter underscores the issues for the pro-Western Jordanian monarchy in halting younger males from crossing the borders to be part of extremist groups in neighboring Syria and Iraq.

For a lot of Jordanian households whose sons have quietly slipped absent, the journey to jihad, or holy war, has turn out to be a regular and painfully perplexing issue.

Young Jordanian men have grow to be reliable recruits for extremist groups owing to the small country’s proximity to the battlefields. Substantial poverty rates and constraints on political expression have also compelled some to depart, in accordance to Hassan Abu Hanieh, an independent researcher and professional on Islamist groups.

But Mr. Dalaeen’s situation exhibits that even those who are well-off and whose families are portion of the political institution can be drawn to violence.

Mr. Dalaeen was the 2nd son of a parliamentarian to die as a member of possibly Islamic State or the al Qaeda-affiliated Nusra Entrance in Syria this yr.

“ISIS has turned into a part model, 1 that has turn into desirable for educated people, for medical professionals, for sons of MPs,” Mr. Hanieh stated, referring to the group also acknowledged as ISIL or Daesh.

Jordan is the birthplace of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the Sunni extremist who established al Qaeda in Iraq—the precursor to Islamic Condition.

Jordanian authorities and researchers on radical Islamists estimate that amongst 1,500 and two,000 Jordanians have joined groups these kinds of as Islamic State and Nusra Front in recent many years, providing the small monarchy an outsize illustration. Jordan ranks 3rd following Saudi Arabia and Tunisia for the quantity of overseas fighters in the region.

The region has recently intensified its clampdown on perceived sources of extremism. Above the past year, the government has barred preachers who sent fiery sermons that incite in opposition to other religions or encourage an austere Islamic ideology. It has also manufactured building new mosques a lot more difficult to prevent unlicensed preachers from developing tiny but committed followings outdoors of point out handle.

The government estimated 500 of the Jordanian overseas fighters had been killed although yet another 500 have returned. Since June 2014 when Jordan amended its anti-terrorism law until August this year, the authorities stated a hundred and fifty men and women have been going through expenses of attempting to join militant groups, recruiting for armed groups or promoting extremist ideology.

But some Jordanians are rankled by the monarchy’s welcoming ties with neighbor Israel and its severe treatment of homegrown Islamists. Problem is also developing over efforts to marginalize the major political opposition—the Jordanian department of the Muslim Brotherhood—and critics say the government’s counterterrorism guidelines are actually stoking the extremism they intend to suppress.

Jordanian govt officers have explained the weakening of the Muslim Brotherhood was a consequence of splits within the team. They defended their actions, stating they were ruled by the rule of law.

In the previous year, Jordanian protection authorities have amended and moved to aggressively enforce a sweeping antiterrorism regulation adopted in June 2014. Criticism of Jordan’s regional and worldwide allies has become an offense punishable underneath that legislation, as is use of social media deemed inappropriate.

In February, Zaki Bani Ersheid, the deputy head of the Muslim Brotherhood, was sentenced to 18 months in prison under the regulation for criticizing Jordanian ally the United Arab Emirates. He slammed the Gulf nation’s designation of the regional Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group—following similar moves by Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Given that the antiterrorism laws amendments have been adopted, at minimum 40 men and women have been sentenced to between three and ten a long time in jail with hard labor, officers stated.

“It is the envy of the location and several nations are seeking to it for direction,” a senior formal in Jordan’s antiterrorism court docket stated of the regulation.

Tunisia and Egypt have handed related legislation.

Human Rights Observe states the amended law severely restricts free speech and exposes peaceful critics of the federal government to prosecution in the identify of fighting terrorism. All this in a nation that weathered the wave of Arab Spring protests by promising meager democratic reforms.

Mohammad Momani, the federal government spokesman, mentioned the amendments do not restrict freedom of speech and the legislation is utilized to those who abuse the freedom of speech to support terrorists.

In accordance to his father, Mohammad Dalaeen’s curiosity in Islamic Condition seems to have resulted from relationships he cultivated although researching in Ukraine.

In Ukraine, the youthful guy married and from there commenced mingling with neighbors from Chechnya, Azerbaijan and Tunisia, his father stated. On visits property to Jordan, the family would debate regardless of whether Islamic Point out was a terrorist organization and the position of Jordan in battling the group—particularly soon after the militants burned captured Jordanian pilot Muath al-Kassasbeh alive even though he was locked in a cage and jarred the country.

Soon after the younger pilot was killed, his childhood acquaintance Mr. Dalaeen appeared repulsed by Islamic Point out, his father said.

“There need to be something mistaken with them,” he recalled his son declaring.

The elder Mr. Dalaeen despatched his son back to Ukraine to carry on his scientific studies. But when he returned for a visit in June, the father mentioned he recoiled at his son’s long beard and unkempt hair.

“I instructed him: ‘You don’t appear like a pupil. You seem like a monster.’ ”

The two guys spoke on a bench in a backyard, the place Mr. Dalaeen manufactured his intentions specific. He needed to grow to be a martyr and go to heaven, his father explained.

Mr. Dalaeen then cut off interaction with his father, speaking only to his mom and a brother in transient Facebook messages.

“His father is an infidel simply because he is in parliament drafting rules towards God’s legislation,” his father explained, recalling what his son experienced instructed the brother weeks just before the son died.

The previous time the family read from him was in August, when the son boasted that he experienced joined Islamic Point out in their Iraqi stronghold of Mosul “living and sleeping comfortably.”

They mentioned the up coming time they heard about their son was when an Islamic Condition-linked tv channel showed a picture of Mr. Dalaeen. Below his smiling experience was the nom de guerre “Abu Baraa, the Jordanian.”

The healthcare scholar was one of three suicide bombers who drove explosive-rigged autos into an Iraqi military barracks in the city of Ramadi, according to a assert of accountability by Islamic State.

“I wanted to provide him back, even if it intended he goes to jail,” Mazen Dalaeen explained.

“Now my son is gone and it is above.”

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