Serial podcast launches second season on accused US deserter Bowe Bergdahl

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Updated December eleven, 2015 07:51:forty

A US soldier who was held captive by the Taliban for five a long time soon after abandoning his army base in Afghanistan is telling his controversial story for the very first time by means of the hugely popular Serial podcast.

“Gutsy but nonetheless stupid,” is how US Army sergeant Bowe Bergdahl described his selection to leave his military foundation in the middle of the night and stroll into the Taliban-infested desert in Afghanistan in 2009.

The 29-12 months-old was captured by militants and held for five many years right up until the White House brokered his release in trade for five prisoners from Guantanamo Bay in 2014.

He could encounter life in prison for his desertion.

Using twenty five several hours of recorded conversations with Sergeant Bergdahl and screenwriter Mark Boal, Serial’s producers are promising to piece jointly his controversial story over the coming months.

In the first episode Sergant Bergdahl mentioned he abandoned the foundation for two causes — to attract attention to troubles in the US navy, and to be a hero.

“Like carrying out what I did was me declaring I am like Jason Bourne,” he said, referring to the Hollywood action hero performed by Matt Damon.

“I had this wonderful thought that I was going to prove to the world that I was the true thing.”

Video image of US Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl Photo: Bowe Bergdahl was held captive by the Taliban for 5 a long time. (AFP)

He describes how he was going for walks by way of the desert in the middle of the evening, not long after leaving the base, when he realised he experienced made a blunder.

“20 minutes out I am heading ‘good grief, I am in over my head’,” he stated.

He stated he had hoped to disguise himself in local Afghan costume, but was shortly spotted by militants.

“There was a road … and a line of motorcycles, probably about five bikes, it may have been a few of fellas on the back of the motorcycles, it was probably six or seven men with the AK-47s,” he stated.

“I was in the open desert and I am not about to outrun a bunch of motorcycles so I couldn’t do anything at all against six or 7 guys with AK-47s and they just pulled up and that was it.”

The military is nonetheless investigating Sergeant Bergdahl and is however to choose if he ought to be imprisoned.

‘He deserted his friends’

Serial’s first period proved to be controversial and influential.

Jason Bourne Picture: Bowe Bergdahl mentioned he walked off base to be like Matt Damon as rogue CIA hitman Jason Bourne in The Bourne Identity. (Supplied: Common Pictures)

It advised the story of Adnan Syed, a young Baltimore male jailed for the murder of his girlfriend in 2000.

The podcast led to his situation becoming reopened, inviting the likelihood of a retrial.

This most current series, focusing on Sergeant Bergdahl, has presently drawn criticism from detractors who fear the podcast could make unwarranted sympathy for the soldier.

“He deserted his buddies, he drew them off of his obligation,” said Republican senator James Inhofe, an military veteran who is on the Residence Armed Services Committee.

The up coming instalment of Serial claims to explain to the other facet of Berghdal’s seize, via an interview with the Taliban who took him.

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