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Indian Students Can Even Work in UK After Studies: UK minister

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NEW DELHI: Indians are welcome to study and work in Great Britain, says UK’s Minister for Science and Universities Jo Johnson even as Europe grapples with issues on migrants.

In an exclusive interview during a visit to India to announce the ‘UK-India Year of Education, Research and Innovation for 2016’, Johnson says that going to study in the UK is brain gain and not brain drain.            

Excerpts of the interview: 

Q) Is the Indo-UK education scene revving up?           

The crème-de la-crème of British universities are here in India with me to showcase that if you want to study in higher education, then UK is the place. There is no place in world where you can do higher education better than in the UK. If you want to gain the skills to compete in the global economy, British universities are ready and want to help.             

Q) But one hears so much about visa issues and denials to Indian students?      

A) There is no limit on the number of Indian students we will give a warm welcome to. Every year we want more Indian students to come and study in the UK. We want them to stay on after they finish studying. To stay on and find graduate jobs, this is now permitted under our system. I want to make it very-very clear that Indian students are warmly welcome to UK.       

Q) How closely aligned are the education systems of the countries?          

A) We are working closely with the Indian government to ensure that our systems of higher education, our universities and our scientists can collaborate to mutual advantage.   

Q) What is the state of cooperation on science between India and UK?     

A) We see a huge potential for doing science between Britain and India and I am amazed at the limitless opportunity for collaboration that exists. In the past 6 years, we have seen the value of our scientific research collaboration go from just one million pounds in 2008 to 200 million pounds today. We want to see that rate of growth continue. Hence, the universities in Britain are seeking to work with Indian universities to accelerate the number of collaborations.         

Q) Any highlights from the Indo-UK S&T collaboration.          

A) This week the Newton Program got a new fillip this is our 50 million pound cooperation platform for science collaboration with India. Overall, the Newton Program will now run until 2021. The India component for that the Newton-Bhabha program which has a value of 50 million pounds has been a huge success. The flagship of our science collaboration will bring together our scientists. ISIS, the world’s leading centre for research in the physical and life sciences at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory near Oxford in the United Kingdom, is collaborating with the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre in Mumbai and that is an exciting partnership and a long-standing collaboration. Here ISIS’s suite of neutron and muon instruments give unique insights into the properties of materials on the atomic scale.            

The renewed Newton program will also be able to address issues like the Ganga clean up based upon the emblematic experience of the Thames clean up. UK is also an expert in the area of air pollution and the two countries can collaborate on that as well. We can address the most pressing challenges of India through collaborative S&T work.  

When the UK and India collaborate, there is force multiplier, which is very-very strong. The force multiplier with India is much stronger than with many other countries. We get much greater impact and valued research papers when British and Indian scientists co-operate.      

Q) What about the inter-university collaboration?        

A) Indian President Pranab Mukherjee has recently focussed his aim of increasing the number of universities in the top of the global rankings of universities. Towards that, collaboration and impact of research makes an important part of the rankings measurement process. More collaboration with British scientists will help move India’s university rankings higher in the lead tables and meet Mukherjee’s objectives.    

Q) You yourself recently said ‘teaching in UK is ‘lamentable’, so why should Indian students go to Britain to institutions you yourself described as ‘lamentable’?           

A) No, No. UK institutions are world class, we have four universities in the top 10; 38 in the top hundred. That our system is world class is demonstrated by the fact that we have hundreds of thousands of students who come from around the world to study in UK and we have the highest satisfaction rates of any education system in the world.         

Q) Britain is very expensive for Indian students to go to, there are other places that are cheaper and good value for money?    

A) There is no better system in the world than the UK education system that offers better value for money. It is a terrific investment and people leave highly satisfied. 

Q) A lot people feel that British colonial rule killed the innovation potential of India?       

A) I think India is an incredibly innovative society and economy. The technological solutions which India has devised to all manner of problems are impressive. When you think of countries who have contributed to our Internet age, one would point first of all to India.

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Android adware can install itself even when users explicitly reject it Agen Sabung Ayam

Agen Sabung Ayam

(credit score: Lookout)

Two weeks in the past, Ars reported on newly uncovered Android adware that is nearly extremely hard to uninstall. Now, scientists have uncovered malicious applications that can get mounted even when a user has expressly tapped a button rejecting the application.

The hijacking transpires right after a consumer has installed a trojanized app that masquerades as an formal app available in Google Perform and then is manufactured accessible in third-party marketplaces. In the course of the set up, applications from an adware household known as Shedun try to trick people into granting the app control above the Android Accessibility Support, which is created to give vision-impaired users alternative ways to interact with their mobile products. Ironically sufficient, Shedun apps try out to acquire such control by displaying dialogs this sort of as this one, which guarantees to aid weed out intrusive commercials.

From that stage on, the application has the ability to exhibit popup ads that put in hugely intrusive adware. Even in circumstances the place a person rejects the invitation to put in the adware or requires no motion at all, the Shedun-spawned application utilizes its management above the accessibility provider to set up the adware anyway.

Study 4 remaining paragraphs | Remarks

Ars Technica

Review: Adele Holds Firm on ‘25,’ Even as Pop Shifts Agen Sabung Ayam

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The cover of Adeleâ??s newest album, “twenty five.” Credit history Columbia, via Linked Press

Absence has a way of ossifying an concept and amplifying a legend. These have been presents for Adele, who has just returned after a crack of almost five several years with her 3rd album, â??25â? (XL/Columbia).

Her location in pop songs held steady as she retreated from the spotlight, towards a more nourishing lifestyle that includes motherhood. And time has fastened the thought of Adeleâ??s seem, leaving a brightly blinking beacon for her to return to.

To that stop, â??25â? manages to seem all of a piece, even as the songs veer from phenomenal to tepid. In spots, every little thing arrives with each other. â??Million Several years Agoâ? bursts with melodrama and probably has a quiet echo of Mariah Careyâ??s â??My Allâ? amid the flamencoesque guitar.

â??Hello,â? the album opener, begins with melodramatic, earnest piano (as do many other songs), adopted by an invitation: â??Hello, itâ??s me/ I was asking yourself if after all these years youâ??d like to meet.â?

This is Adele at her savviest: â??Helloâ? capabilities as an prolonged hand to old supporters and also a seeming chapter-closer on the romantic relationship that described â??21,â? her previous album.

Carry on reading the primary tale Adele – Hi Video by AdeleVEVO

And by midsong, she is also at her ideal: Even when she is singing at her most potent â?? â??Hello from the other siiiiiide, I have to have called a thousand tiiiiiiimesâ? â?? sheâ??s never ever something other than calm.

That is Adeleâ??s present. On songs like â??I Miss out on Youâ? and â??Water Beneath the Bridge,â? she renders the most acute pain with extreme clarity and composure. If her singing wasnâ??t so loud, it would be tranquil. In areas, on â??Helloâ? and â??Million A long time In the past,â? so total is her chill that she recollects a far less technically achieved but even far more steadfastly serene singer: Lana Del Rey.

And so organization is her vision that it rescues unambitious tunes like â??Remedy,â? written with and produced by Ryan Tedder, and â??River Lea,â? created with and created by Danger Mouse, which may possibly or else drown in numbing organ. â??Love in the Darkish,â? about the very last embers of a lifeless relationship, moves at a funereal rate, but Adele issues her self-loathing like a command: â??Take your eyes off of me so I can go away/Iâ??m significantly too ashamed to do it with you watching me.â?

Pop moves and mutates, but Adele a lot more or considerably less does not. Naming her albums for distinct ages in her life doesnâ??t point out radical alterations from era to era, but rather reinforces the reassuringly gradual march of time. Her music is like time-lapse pictures of a busy street: Little parts move, but the structure of the whole photograph remains primarily intact.

What sets her aside, even though, are individuals constant parts: a gargantuan and clean voice, deployed with casual management and a cathartic fluency with heartbreak.

On â??25,â? she continues to be a plainly declarative singer (and songwriter â?? she has a producing credit on each music on this album). Sheâ??s emphatically firstperson and doesnâ??t get belabored or obstructed by metaphor or notion. She also delivers minor in the way of emotional shock: For Adele, distress is restorative. (The album closes with â??Sweetest Devotion,â? a blast of optimism so ecstatic and saccharine it threatens to upend the forty minutes of anguish that preceded it. )


Adele, executing in 2013 at the Academy Awards. Credit score Chris Pizzello/Invision, via Linked Press

The place â??21â? created gestural concessions to up to date pop songs, â??25â? mainly does not. It will come closest on â??Send My Love (to Your New Lover),â? which was produced by Max Martin and Shellback. They havenâ??t varnished Adele, the way they have with so several ahead of her. The track starts with a stray studio comment from Adele â?? â??Just the guitar. O.K., coolâ? â?? ahead of about a minute of acoustic guitar and what seems like hand-played percussion. This is Adele the pop refusenik, nonetheless intact.

But then the thickly layered harmony vocals and fuller arrangement arrive, faintly echoing the thunderous fall in â??I Understood You Had been Trouble,â? by Taylor Swift, another singer whom Mr. Martin and Shellback have compressed for pop intake and extruded new things from. There is a Swiftian instant, also, on the songâ??s chorus, when she sings â??loverâ? like a cheerful taunt â?? typically Adeleâ??s concept is one particular of shared melancholy itâ??s refreshing to listen to her sass. (Itâ??s also more in line with her off-file persona she exudes off-the-cuff charm. At a taping for a tv specific at Radio Metropolis Songs Corridor on Tuesday night time, she was chipper and affectionately profane, joking about kicking off her sneakers and commenting that since she experienced to have her nails removed so she could engage in guitar, she experienced â??potato fingers.â?)

It indicates, also, that Adele is not wholly impervious to impact, not bigger than her songs. Consider two really different examples on â??25â? that present diverse variations of this. â??When We Had been Youngâ? was written with Tobias Jesso Jr., the cloying Eagle Rock Randy Newman with stars in his eyes and a droop in his voice. In the verses, she seems cozy, but when she slips in to the chorus â?? â??You seem like a film, you audio like a songâ? â?? she echoes Mr. Jessoâ??s vocal gestures, greater suited to a voice thatâ??s skinny like his, and needs exaggeration, than one as abundant as hers. It appears like Adele singing a Tobias Jesso Jr. music, not Adele singing an Adele track.

Contrast that with â??All I Ask,â? made by the Smeezingtons, Bruno Marsâ??s crew, and created by Adele with Mr. Mars, Philip Lawrence and Christopher (Brody) Brown. Itâ??s a Streisandian tale entire of harrowing, beautiful loneliness:

I will leave my coronary heart at the door
I wonâ??t say a phrase
Theyâ??ve all been explained prior to, you know
So why donâ??t we just enjoy pretend
Like weâ??re not frightened of what is coming up coming
Or frightened of having absolutely nothing still left

At the commencing of the pre-chorus, Adele sings, nearly offhandedly, â??Look donâ??t get me mistaken I know/There is a tomorrow,â? holding the final syllable out till it decays. Itâ??s a palpable gear shift, a type of singing thatâ??s as assured in frame of mind as in acuity, and it enlivens this track to anything like a masterpiece. Mr. Mars and his pals have extracted some new vim from Adele. For this, they must get a MacArthur grant, or an M.B.E. from the Queen. All with each other, they have produced a mold-breaking tune, 1 thatâ??s even even bigger than the legend.

Correction: November eighteen, 2015An before model of this assessment misstated a track lyric. Adele sings “Hello from the other siiiiiide,” not “outsiiiiiide.”


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