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Funds meant for IS militants found in dirty laundry by mother, court hears

Agen Sabung Ayam

Posted December fourteen, 2015 14:22:32

Map: Parramatta 2150

Cash allegedly supposed for the Islamic State terrorist team was found by the mother of a rollover witness as she went to wash his garments, a Sydney courtroom has heard.

Oarjan Azari and Ali Al-Talebi are accused of making $ 6,000 available to the Islamic State team in two separate income transfers very last yr.

It is alleged they employed the witness offering evidence from them to do the transfers through Western Union retailers at Parramatta and Auburn.

He was referred to as a rollover witness in courtroom simply because he experienced previously labored with the males and was now testifying from them. He will not face prosecution.

A committal hearing was informed this man, who can not be identified, tried to make a 3rd transfer of $ 9,000, but pulled out because he was unsure about fees that have been to be billed.

The court docket heard the money was later discovered by his mother in the pocket of his shorts.

“Laundering money,” Justice of the peace Peter Miszalski mentioned.

Prosecutor Peter Neil SC responded: “Practically practically.”

The courtroom heard the witness was more youthful than Azari and Al-Talebi, and was beneath their influence.

Mr Neil said the goal of the transfers was “to finish up supporting Islamic Condition pursuits in Syria and Iraq”.

Up to seven,000 webpages of secretly recorded phone discussions were tendered as evidence to the courtroom.

Showing up for Azari, barrister Steven Boland stated there was no evidence the funds ended up “ever gained by any terrorist organisation”.

He said there was a good deal of evidence suggesting the opposite.

The prosecution stated this was irrelevant.

“Whether they got their hands on it or not is one more issue,” Mr Neil mentioned.

The witness is predicted to give additional proof on Wednesday.

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How Alienated Youth Fall Prey to Militants’ Allure

Agen Sabung Ayam

The profiles of the suspects behind the Paris terrorist attacks reflect a pattern often seen among perpetrators of previous atrocities—a group of guys who turned from drugs and petty crime to terrorism. What’s new is the potency of the movement that mobilized them.

To many in the West, Islamic State represents a medieval-style death cult. To its sympathizers, estimated to number in the thousands or even tens of thousands in Europe, its radical message of reviving the Sunni Muslim caliphate is strengthened by the fact that it already rules over territory.

Scott Atran, a Franco-American academic who has interviewed hundreds of radical Islamists over years, likens the rise and allure of Islamic State to the ascendancy of the Bolsheviks in czarist Russia and the National Socialist Party in Weimar Germany.

It wasn’t police, intelligence services or military that finally defeated the anarchist movements that sprang up in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, he says, but the Bolsheviks. Similarly, he says, Islamic State is eclipsing older jihadist movements including al Qaeda, in large part because of its hold on territory in Iraq and Syria.

“What destroyed [the anarchists] was the Bolshevik movement, which was just more brutal,” he said. “It was territorially based….They could say ‘We’re going to change the world just like you guys want but we have the real means to do it.’”

The existence of a “caliphate”—whose creation and expansion Islamic State fighters see as reflecting the divinely ordained Muslim conquests of the seventh century—provides the basis for a more hopeful message for followers than al Qaeda’s mostly negative motivation of punishing the West for oppressing Muslims.

“It creates this much more dynamic impetus among these would-be young world-savers, much like the National Socialist movement—which wasn’t the case of al Qaeda,” Mr. Atran said.

Despite that difference, much about the Paris attacks replicates the “groups of guys” phenomenon identified by Marc Sageman, a former officer in the Central Intelligence Agency.

The Brussels-based suspects, like the attackers in 2004 in Madrid and in 2005 in London, were rebels on society’s margins, generally in their 20s and mostly without religious parents. They converted late, often after dissolute or aimless teenage years when they may have indulged in drugs and petty crime.

They aren’t at the bottom of the social ladder; the most humiliated in society tend not to join such groups, though they may be sympathizers. In fact, some of the Paris suspects came from families with some means, owning local shops, bars and sizable houses. Having access to resources allowed them to pay to travel to and from Syria, rent cars, and buy weapons and bomb-making materials.

Such such individuals suffer from a double alienation: from their often nonreligious parents and from the Western societies where they grow up and founder.

“The young kids, instead of getting their knowledge and their morals and their values and their dreams in life filtered through [their parents], are going out horizontally and connecting with one another,” Mr. Atran said.

Social networks and the Internet connect them to a transnational underground jihadist culture. Instead of broadening their minds, the Internet funnels them into a narrow worldview that resonates. Their parents are oblivious or, if they suspect something is afoot, often reluctant to turn in their children.

This generational divide is strongly evident in Molenbeek, the mostly Muslim neighborhood of row houses in Brussels where the suspected plotters were raised.

One local shopkeeper said the generation gap was exacerbated by young men’s use of the Internet, where online videos posted by groups like Islamic State fuel radicalism.

“This is not us; it comes from elsewhere,” the shopkeeper said.

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Funeral in Pakistan for Militants Killed in U.S. Strikes Draws Hundreds Agen Sabung Ayam

Agen Sabung Ayam

Decrease DIR, Pakistan â?? A mass funeral on Friday for as many as 20 local militants mentioned to have been killed by American airstrikes in neighboring Afghanistan drew hundreds of mourners in the northwestern Pakistani district of Decrease Dir, according to regional citizens and individuals.

It was unclear specifically when or in which the militants had been killed, even though the Afghan information media reported that a drone strike on Nov. sixteen in the eastern Afghan province of Nangarhar, in close proximity to the border, killed at least twelve folks, which includes nine foreigners.

The funeral involved 20 coffins that had been introduced to Timergara, the money of Lower Dir district. The faces of the militants had been not demonstrated, and numerous coffins were said to consist of only partial remains.

Afghan officials have complained that a increased quantity of Pakistani fighters than usual have joined a heavy wave of Taliban offensives this calendar year, despite a Pakistani armed forces crackdown on militant teams.

Despite the fact that many cross-border attacks in Afghanistan are carried out by the Haqqani community, or other affiliate marketers of the Afghan Taliban, locals who attended the funeral on Friday stated that the lifeless have been members of Al Badar Mujahedeen, a militant group with ties to the Afghan insurgent team Hezb-i-Islami.

One main speaker at the ceremony, a Pakistani commander for Hezb-i-Islami named Naseed Rehman Darwesh, stated that dozens of militants from Reduced Dir, a remote district of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Province, experienced been killed in Afghan battles over the earlier year. But he pledged that the fight would go on.

â??We will carry on to battle the American forces and its ally Afghan forces,â? Mr. Darwesh mentioned.


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