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70 Percent Students Clueless About Freedom Struggle

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NEW DELHI: It is amusing, however alarming. Seventy per cent of Class VIII pupils in the country are not informed of the flexibility struggle, although fifty five per cent feel the Supreme Court is portion of the Indian Parliament. Also sixty nine for each cent do not know why the Swadeshi Movement was launched for the duration of the flexibility battle.

Just about forty five for each cent know about the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre requested by General Dyer and other atrocities dedicated by the British. Considerably less than fifty for every cent have an idea of the names of the India’s principal rivers, although only fifty for every cent know why oxygen is essential for sustaining life.

This data was uncovered in a study performed by the Nationwide Council of Schooling Analysis and Education (NCERT) primarily based on knowledge collected from 6,722 colleges, 24,486 academics and one,88,647 college students via tests and questionnaires from 33 States and Union Territories of the country. The function of the review was to supply crucial insights on whether the elementary education and learning system has a useful result on college students or not.

The research, which addresses each authorities and aided educational institutions, discloses that seventy four for every cent of the students are unaware of the key factors of the Constitution. Many of them do not comprehend that the President’s Rule is imposed when the constitutional equipment of a condition breaks down.

“The findings elevate a massive question mark about the achievements beneath the Appropriate to Schooling Act and the fundamentals that want to be tackled just before India aspires to achieve new heights,” stated an official concerned in the project operate.

Only 48 for each cent of the college students surveyed could describe the causes powering the distribute of European buying and selling firms in pre-colonial India. Only forty four for each cent knew how the British proven management above Bengal. On the 1857 rebellion, only forty one per cent could identify its geographical unfold on a map. Also 68 to 72 for each cent could not determine the rulers who participated in the revolt.

The survey is meant to provide plan makers, planners and curriculum builders with a snapshot of what learners have realized in core topics and give a baseline from which modifications in academic standards can be monitored.

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Indian Students Can Even Work in UK After Studies: UK minister

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NEW DELHI: Indians are welcome to study and work in Great Britain, says UK’s Minister for Science and Universities Jo Johnson even as Europe grapples with issues on migrants.

In an exclusive interview during a visit to India to announce the ‘UK-India Year of Education, Research and Innovation for 2016’, Johnson says that going to study in the UK is brain gain and not brain drain.            

Excerpts of the interview: 

Q) Is the Indo-UK education scene revving up?           

The crème-de la-crème of British universities are here in India with me to showcase that if you want to study in higher education, then UK is the place. There is no place in world where you can do higher education better than in the UK. If you want to gain the skills to compete in the global economy, British universities are ready and want to help.             

Q) But one hears so much about visa issues and denials to Indian students?      

A) There is no limit on the number of Indian students we will give a warm welcome to. Every year we want more Indian students to come and study in the UK. We want them to stay on after they finish studying. To stay on and find graduate jobs, this is now permitted under our system. I want to make it very-very clear that Indian students are warmly welcome to UK.       

Q) How closely aligned are the education systems of the countries?          

A) We are working closely with the Indian government to ensure that our systems of higher education, our universities and our scientists can collaborate to mutual advantage.   

Q) What is the state of cooperation on science between India and UK?     

A) We see a huge potential for doing science between Britain and India and I am amazed at the limitless opportunity for collaboration that exists. In the past 6 years, we have seen the value of our scientific research collaboration go from just one million pounds in 2008 to 200 million pounds today. We want to see that rate of growth continue. Hence, the universities in Britain are seeking to work with Indian universities to accelerate the number of collaborations.         

Q) Any highlights from the Indo-UK S&T collaboration.          

A) This week the Newton Program got a new fillip this is our 50 million pound cooperation platform for science collaboration with India. Overall, the Newton Program will now run until 2021. The India component for that the Newton-Bhabha program which has a value of 50 million pounds has been a huge success. The flagship of our science collaboration will bring together our scientists. ISIS, the world’s leading centre for research in the physical and life sciences at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory near Oxford in the United Kingdom, is collaborating with the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre in Mumbai and that is an exciting partnership and a long-standing collaboration. Here ISIS’s suite of neutron and muon instruments give unique insights into the properties of materials on the atomic scale.            

The renewed Newton program will also be able to address issues like the Ganga clean up based upon the emblematic experience of the Thames clean up. UK is also an expert in the area of air pollution and the two countries can collaborate on that as well. We can address the most pressing challenges of India through collaborative S&T work.  

When the UK and India collaborate, there is force multiplier, which is very-very strong. The force multiplier with India is much stronger than with many other countries. We get much greater impact and valued research papers when British and Indian scientists co-operate.      

Q) What about the inter-university collaboration?        

A) Indian President Pranab Mukherjee has recently focussed his aim of increasing the number of universities in the top of the global rankings of universities. Towards that, collaboration and impact of research makes an important part of the rankings measurement process. More collaboration with British scientists will help move India’s university rankings higher in the lead tables and meet Mukherjee’s objectives.    

Q) You yourself recently said ‘teaching in UK is ‘lamentable’, so why should Indian students go to Britain to institutions you yourself described as ‘lamentable’?           

A) No, No. UK institutions are world class, we have four universities in the top 10; 38 in the top hundred. That our system is world class is demonstrated by the fact that we have hundreds of thousands of students who come from around the world to study in UK and we have the highest satisfaction rates of any education system in the world.         

Q) Britain is very expensive for Indian students to go to, there are other places that are cheaper and good value for money?    

A) There is no better system in the world than the UK education system that offers better value for money. It is a terrific investment and people leave highly satisfied. 

Q) A lot people feel that British colonial rule killed the innovation potential of India?       

A) I think India is an incredibly innovative society and economy. The technological solutions which India has devised to all manner of problems are impressive. When you think of countries who have contributed to our Internet age, one would point first of all to India.

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High school students strip and rebuild Housing SA home

Agen Sabung Ayam

Posted December 09, 2015 twelve:47:23

The frontage of a home in Elizabeth Downs, South Australia after it has been renovated Photograph: The home in Elizabeth Downs after it was renovated by pupils taking part in the Doorways 2 Development plan. (ABC: Spence Denny)
Map: Elizabeth Downs 5113

A group of pupils from Adelaide’s northern suburbs have entirely gutted and renovated a Housing SA residence before handing it again to the community, as portion of their classroom reports.

The Elizabeth Downs property at Haldane Avenue was out-of-date and dilapidated ahead of learners began renovating it at the commencing of the calendar year.

The Year 11 learners from numerous northern Adelaide large colleges are getting element in the Doorways two Design system.

The program, which delivers college students a certification a single in building, runs 1 working day a week for a complete 12 months.

The frontage of an Elizabeth Downs house before it was renovated. Photo: 24 Haldane Road in Elizabeth Downs before it was renovated by students. (Google)

By means of the software, pupils knowledge demolition, carpentry, bricklaying, plastering, portray and decorating, plumbing and electrical, and landscaping, amongst other building expertise.

This is the fifteenth 12 months of the system, and the twenty fifth home renovated by instructor, trainer and software coordinator Richard Megaw.

“A single of the factors that I say to the learners, is that nobody in their existence will demonstrate them how to fully renovate a property from start off to finish and even if you get into a carpentry apprenticeship, you happen to be not going to see a home renovated,” he stated.

“These fellas have truly witnessed it from deconstruction all the way via, and they’ve got a standpoint of the total building sector in the rebuilding of the property.”

Mr Megaw stated most of the houses renovated by learners had been in really very poor issue ahead of they begin.

“Most of these Housing SA [properties] have only had servicing carried out more than the final 40 a long time or so and they nonetheless search like a 60s property,” he said.

“And what we have experimented with to do is carry it in the 2015 era with contemporary constructing items, type and make it a extremely habitable residence, insulated, person friendly for a tenant nowadays.”

Learners given obvious occupation path

Student Daniel Johnson stated having part in the software had presented him direction for the potential.

“It’s served me realise what I want to do much more,” he said.

“I experienced an idea when I first needed to do the training course, but now I definitely want to do carpentry.

“It really is just always the thing that I’ve favored carrying out. It’s enjoyable and a hands-on thing that I like.”

Landscaped gardens in a South Australian backyard Image: The gardens at 24 Haldane Street in Elizabeth Downs have been entirely re-landscaped. (ABC: Spence Denny)

Jae Bain also felt the training course was a thrust in the correct path.

“When I first started and chose this system, I was rather specific I wished to be someplace in the trades, but I did not have a specific trade,” he mentioned.

“Undertaking this system really assisted me locate out what trade I want to be, which is carpentry, due to the fact I really appreciated that portion.”

Renovations at 24 Haldane Road integrated the removing of partitions, and a hearth area in the lounge room, the kitchen area becoming moved into a new location, and a wander-in gown created into the grasp bedroom.

“It’s remarkable, it turned out very good,” Daniel explained.

System ‘works to protected competent workforce’

Building Market Instruction Board main government Steve Larkins mentioned the program played an crucial part in securing a experienced workforce for the long term.

He said frequently throughout a construction increase, the business faced a skills scarcity.

“What tends to take place is that the business will go flat out with the workforce that it’s received, but bearing in brain it is been a bit flat, so the workforce is sort of skinnied up if you like,” Mr Larkins said.

This offers them that knowledge while they are at faculty and they can make an informed decision.

Steve Larkins

“So the emphasis is going to be on obtaining the folks with the skills and so on and it will be an ideal prospect for companies to get on apprentices, which is the aim of these packages.”

Mr Larkins explained the program supplied students the prospect to try out out all trades prior to searching at securing an apprenticeship.

“College students who do this program will come away with a quite very clear knowing of what the industry means and the problem in the past, and indeed if you look throughout the country, the attrition rate amongst apprentices is pretty complicated,” he stated.

“It’s generally simply because there is an expectation gap – what they thought it would be like and what it’s genuinely like.

“This offers them that encounter while they’re at college and they can make an educated determination.

“I have been conversing to some of the boys all around there and a pair of them following yr in Year 12 have elected to do something else.

“They have loved this but it is probably not for them in the prolonged operate. We would relatively them make that selection now, than get into an apprenticeship and believe ‘what am I carrying out right here?'”

Before snaps of renovation Photograph: Some images of 24 Haldane Street before college students began their renovation. (ABC: Spence Denny)

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1 in 10 teaching students fail numeracy, literacy exam

Agen Sabung Ayam

Posted December 01, 2015 01:09:32

Map: Australia

About 10 per cent of instructing students failed to fulfill needed expectations of literacy and numeracy, results from a trial examination display.

About 5,000 pupils sat the check, which is created to make certain educating graduates are in the leading thirty for each cent of Australians when it comes to literacy and numeracy.

Of the college students who took portion, 92 per cent passed the literacy test and 90 for each cent passed the numeracy take a look at.

The testing was executed in cash towns, as well as in Albury in New South Wales and Ballarat in Victoria.

If the benefits from the pilot research were replicated nationally, perhaps 1,800 training graduates final year would have failed to make the grade.

The take a look at will be obligatory from July next 12 months and pupils will have to move just before they can graduate and go on to work in a classroom.

Education and learning Minister Simon Birmingham suggests the findings justify the Government’s target on instructor high quality.

“Mother and father, principals, all stakeholders in school education and learning should have full self-assurance that graduates from our universities with instructing skills are amid some of the ideal and brightest in the land,” Senator Birmingham mentioned.

“We are truly placing it on the universities who are coaching our lecturers to make sure they have confidence in the abilities of instructors just before they graduate.

“We believe that it is fairly truthful and reasonable that universities, as the suppliers of training graduates, ought to be providing educating graduates that are of the maximum feasible common.”

From following yr, it will be up to universities to make a decision regardless of whether to set the take a look at as an entry necessity or to provide it during teaching instruction.

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Chinese study-abroad students face democratic dilemma

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WASHINGTON, Nov. 24 (UPI) — Chinese students educated in Western countries learn about democracy, but when they enter the work world at home they must adapt to an authoritarian state or face bleak employment prospects as they push for human rights reform in China, according to several Chinese civil rights activists.

“If you devote yourself to the democracy movement,” said Chinese human rights activist Wei Jingsheng at a Cato Institute panel discussion Monday, “you’re not going to make money.”

Authorities have improved certain human rights issues since Xi Jinping became China’s president in late 2012, but the country remains near the bottom globally on all significant human rights indexes due to myriad human rights violations, according to Human Rights Watch. These violations include legally baseless detention, torture and even murder of those who challenge the Chinese Communist Party.

The civil rights activists said human rights protections have deteriorated under Xi’s administration; young Chinese, particularly overseas students, could use the power of their numbers to change China’s political regime but serious financial repercussions and even detention serve as deterrents.

China’s young adults who have gone to college abroad “still think they will go back to China to pursue their future careers there,” said Yang Jianli, who protested as a young adult at Tiananmen Square in 1989. “They don’t want to jeopardize their future so that’s the fear factor still working.”

Former Peking University professor Xia Yeliang added: “I see so many people have their brain washed by CCP. They say, ‘It’s fine, as long as we can live. As long as we can have some food and salary.'”

Activist Chen Guancheng, who was detained for more than four years for what he described as activism against the CCP, said experiences like his create public skepticism about the current political system.

“The government’s decision to go after the people who raise issues rather than the issues themselves have also enlightened Chinese people in making them understand what kind of government this is,” Guancheng said.

As the United States and other Western countries work to increase trade with China’s lucrative markets, they are “paying more attention to business than human rights and freedom,” said Teng Biao, a human rights lawyer who worked in China until he moved to the U.S. to continue his efforts.

But the profit-based focus is creating inequality, according to Jingsheng. But because Chinese law does not require high human rights standards for workers, companies can make products more cheaply than many Western trading partners, which puts China in a more favorable trading position than countries with better-regarded human rights records.

Jingsheng said a continued push for profit without regard for human rights threatens to destabilize markets and plunge the world into an economic recession.

In order to avoid such an outcome, Jingsheng said the international community must “pitch in” to pressure the CCP to adopt universal laws inclusive of high standards for human rights and punish those in violation of said laws.

“If you want to change this unfair situation, you must set up rules and carry out and make sure both societies are competing in fair rule,” Jingsheng said. “This rule must have punitive measures. Without punitive measures, that rule will not be able to be carried out.”

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Students want Woodrow Wilson's name removed from Princeton Agen Sabung Ayam

Agen Sabung Ayam

PRINCETON, N.J. (AP) — Pupils staged a protest Wednesday inside of the business office of Princeton University’s president, demanding the faculty get rid of the name of previous faculty president and U.S. President Woodrow Wilson from packages and buildings in excess of what they stated was his racist legacy.

Princeton President Christopher Eisgruber informed the pupils he agreed with them that Wilson was racist and that the college needs to acknowledge that, in accordance to a online video posted to YouTube. But a school spokesman said the president also told college students it is critical to weigh Wilson’s racism, and how undesirable it was, with the contributions he manufactured to the country.

Wilson was president of Princeton from 1902 to 1910 and served as New Jersey’s governor from 1911 to 1913, when he entered the White House. The Democrat was a major progressive but supported segregation, like appointing Cabinet customers who segregated federal departments.

About 30 black and white Princeton University pupils, from a group called the Black Justice League, took element in the protest, demanding a selection of alterations to enhance the social and academic encounter of black learners.

Princeton is home to the Woodrow Wilson School of General public Policy and International Affairs, his title is on a single of the school’s household faculties and there is a mural of Wilson in a eating corridor that the protesters want taken off.

They also want the Ivy League college to institute cultural competency education for personnel and college, and include a cultural place on campus dedicated to black learners.

“We’re listed here. We’ve been listed here. We ain’t leaving. We are liked,” pupils chanted into megaphones outside of Nassau Corridor ahead of relocating into Eisgruber’s business office, the video of their protest showed.

Princeton spokesman Martin Mbugua explained Eisgruber and Dean of School Jill Dolan spent about an hour speaking with the learners and “count on the discussion to proceed over and above today’s meeting.”

The protest will come as pupils at schools across the place rally over race and other social problems and on the identical day that Princeton declared it was ending the “learn” title for leaders of the 6 household colleges exactly where pupils live on campus. The college customers will now be identified as “head of the higher education.”

In August, a professor at Yale College cited the racial overtones of the term in inquiring pupils to stop calling him “learn.”

Dolan explained Princeton’s school members have been talking about eliminating the title for a long time.

“Several of us who would never ever have been element of the Princeton encounter … frequently truly feel our own exclusion,” she mentioned. “College and administrators prioritize inclusion and belonging, (from the) iconography of campus, to curriculum … in conditions of creating sure we symbolize the variety of human encounter.”

Dolan, who oversees Princeton’s household faculties, stated teams throughout campus are obtaining discussions about Wilson’s location at the university.

It’s a “dialogue folks are having all over the campus, in portion due to the fact it’s element of the national conversation. There are no effortless answers below,” she explained. “It truly is a dialogue we all need to have about the implications of history.”

“I concur with you that Woodrow Wilson was a racist. I believe we need to accept that as a local community and be truthful about that,” in accordance to the video clip of the meeting between the president and the pupils.

William Keylor, professor of international relations at the Pardee College of Boston University, mentioned Wilson introduced Southern values and views to the White House and authorized for the reinstatement of segregation in a metropolis that had been desegregated.

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