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Anti-gun protesters mock staged mass shooting at University of Texas

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Up-to-date December 15, 2015 00:29:fifty eight

External Website link: Demonstrators at the College of Texas reply to a “mock mass capturing” with fart noises.

A “mock mass shooting” staged by gun legal rights demonstrators at the University of Texas (UT) has been fulfilled with dozens of students, professors and locals armed with farts, sex toys and chants of “Don’t shoot, it is just a poot”.

Gun rights activist team Will not Comply shown a mass capturing at the college to “display all facets of mass shootings” using cardboard guns and ketchup packets.

Information site NonDoc reported that four center-aged actors fell to the ground right after pretending to be shot by a young guy who pulled a cardboard gun from his suit pocket.

Exterior Url: Mock mass shooting Facebook post

The fake victims had been then doused with ketchup and their bodies have been outlined with chalk on the pavement.

All 4 victims wore orange T-shirts from the anti-gun Gun Free of charge UT campus team.

In a Facebook put up, Don’t Comply said the function went completely, and that law enforcement showed up soon after ten minutes of the celebration being loudly narrated via a bullhorn.

Never Comply stated that the regular mass taking pictures will take 4 minutes.

Organiser Murdoch Pizgatti told the Houston Chronicle the celebration was prepared to demonstrate that mass shootings occur unannounced and that law enforcement do not arrive until effectively after the taking pictures is more than.

“You must shield your self. You have to be armed,” he mentioned.

Next-year student Charlie Henry advised NonDoc that he believed the demonstration was “disrespectful”.

“Open up carry is harmful, threatening, and I do not feel it’s essential,” he mentioned.

The counter protest marched by means of campus carrying flatulence noisemakers and do-it-yourself indications, such as some that study “I fart in your basic course” — a reference to the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Protesters also carried dildos, a reference to a “#CocksNotGlocks” anti-gun demonstration prepared for subsequent 12 months in which learners have pledged to have sex toys on campus — an act that is punishable by a $ five hundred wonderful — in protest from a new legislation that will permit handguns in university buildings.

External Website link: A counter protester remixed hip-hop tracks to characteristic farts

As they approached the internet site of the mass taking pictures, protesters shouted “UT” and “farts”.

The counter protest was prepared by 2006 graduate Tim Sookram and a buddy from his university comedy team.

“They are not truly listening to explanation at all, and this is largely why we are producing enjoyable of them,” Mr Sookram advised NonDoc.

“Their rhetoric and their steps are so bizarre, we just have to meet up with it with the exact same sort of language.”

Yet another organiser, Andrew Dobbs, instructed the group “I decide on to believe that concern is not the solution to the risk of our time,” the Houston Chronicle documented.

“That laughing in the confront of worry is a courageous act and toting a gun close to almost everywhere you go, perhaps not so considerably.”

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Fact check: Are young Indigenous men more likely to end up in jail than university?

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Posted December 03, 2015 06:53:57

Fact check: Are Indigenous men more likely to end up in jail than university? Photo: Opposition Leader Bill Shorten says that “a young Aboriginal man of 18 in Australia is more likely to end up in jail than university”. (AAP: Dan Peled)
Map: Australia

The claim

“A young Aboriginal man of 18 in Australia is more likely to end up in jail than university,” Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said in an interview on Sky News.

Is he correct?

The verdict

Mr Shorten’s claim is a fair call.

Experts contacted by Fact Check said it is difficult to assess “lifetime likelihood” with certainty because it involves predicting the future based on past patterns.

But the most recent available data shows a greater proportion of Indigenous men had been to jail in the five years to 2008 than had a Bachelor degree or above in 2011, and a greater proportion were in jail than at university in 2014.

Some context

Mr Shorten first made the claim on October 26, 2015.

He made a similar statement three weeks after his Sky News interview in a speech at the University of Melbourne, in which he promised to set targets to close the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in the justice system if Labor wins the next election.

An elder holds an Aboriginal flag Photo: Bill Shorten has promised to set targets to reduce the “appalling” imprisonment rate of Indigenous people. (Simon Fergusson: Getty Images)

“Setting specific targets means we record our performance… and it keeps all of us — politicians, public servants and service providers — accountable,” he said.

The justice system was an area in need of targets because of the “appalling rate of incarceration among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples”.

The following day, Mr Shorten again said an Aboriginal man leaving school was more likely to go to jail than university in an opinion piece in The Guardian and at a doorstop interview.

How to assess the claim

Fact Check consulted Chris Cunneen, a conjoint professor of criminology at the University of New South Wales; Richard James, a professor of higher education at the University of Melbourne, and Nicholas Biddle, the deputy director of the centre for social research and methods at the Australian National University.

The experts said they interpret Mr Shorten’s claim to refer to “lifetime likelihood”, which is difficult to test with certainty.

They said comparing the proportion of Indigenous men who are or have been in prison with the proportion who are attending university or have completed a university degree would enable a broad assessment of the claim.

This methodology will not capture those who began a university degree but failed to complete it.

Fact Check was unable to find sufficient data on this.

In a 2013 article Professor Cunneen, then a professor of justice and social inclusion at James Cook University, made a statement similar to Mr Shorten’s.

Juveniles at the Don Dale Youth Detention Centre in the Northern Territory Photo: The most recent available data shows a greater proportion of Indigenous men had been to jail in the five years to 2008 than had a Bachelor degree or above in 2011, and a greater proportion were in jail than at university in 2014.

“Nationally, Aboriginal men are more than twice as likely to be found in prison than in university,” he wrote.

He based this statement on several publications from the Australian Bureau of Statistics: tertiary enrolment figures from the national census; prison numbers from the national prisoner census; and tertiary degrees and incarceration history from the national Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander social survey.

Fact Check has used similar sources in updated versions to assess Mr Shorten’s claim.

Most relevant statistics classify Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples together as “Indigenous Australians,” so Fact Check has assessed Mr Shorten’s claim on data for Indigenous men.

Dr Biddle said data on Indigenous men aged 18 to 34 years would be most relevant to Mr Shorten’s claim.

“I don’t think what the lifetime outcomes of a 55-year-old are now would have too much bearing on the outcomes of an 18-year-old,” he said.

Some ABS census data uses age categories of 15 and above, not 18 and above, so where necessary Fact Check has assessed the claim on this basis.


The evidence

External Link: Data on indigenous incarceration and imprisonment.
The Australian Institute of Criminology told Fact Check: “There are no statistics available that directly go to the question of lifetime prevalence of imprisonment among Indigenous Australians or Australians overall.”
The institute referred Fact Check to the most recent national Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander social survey (NATSISS) from the ABS, which uses 2008 data.
The survey, which did not cover people in jail at the time, included a question on whether respondents had been incarcerated in the previous five years.
The numbers and proportions of those who answered “yes” are shown in the table above.
External Link: Data on indigenous incarceration and imprisonment.
The ABS publishes an annual national prisoner census, most recently of prisoners who were in jail on June 30, 2014.
Fact Check has produced the table above based on ABS data from the prisoner census and an ABS population projection for Indigenous males in 2014.
External Link: Data on indigenous incarceration and imprisonment.
The most recent educational attainment figures were collected in the 2011 national population census.
The census classified respondents into one of three categories: Indigenous; non-Indigenous; or not stated.
To assess Mr Shorten’s claim, Fact Check used data only on those who identified as Indigenous.
The census included data on Indigenous males aged between 15 and 19 years.
But only 8 of the 30,551 Indigenous males in this age group had completed a university degree.
Fact Check considers it more appropriate to use data on Indigenous men aged 20 years and over.
The table above shows the numbers and proportions of those who had completed a bachelor degree or higher.
External Link: Data on indigenous incarceration and imprisonment.
The Department of Education supplied Fact Check with the most recent data on Indigenous males at university, which was for 2014.
Fact Check used the ABS population projection for Indigenous males in 2014 to convert these numbers to proportions, as shown in the table above.

Comparing the data

Assessing Mr Shorten’s claim involves comparing sets of data gathered by different organisations at different times.

However, the use of rates and percentages allows some comparison.

The data shows that about 6 per cent of Indigenous adult men had been released from prison in the five years to 2008, and 4 per cent were in prison in 2014.

When it comes to university attendance, about 4 per cent of Indigenous men reported in 2011 having completed a bachelor degree or higher, and 2.4 per cent attended university in 2014.


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‘Beef Festival’ Planned at Osmania University; BJP MLA Fumes

Agen Sabung Ayam

HYDERABAD: A plan by some learners to organise a ‘beef festival’ on the Osmania University campus listed here following 7 days has kicked up a row with a BJP MLA demanding that if this function is permitted, an additional a single to worship the cow should also be authorized.          

The competition is currently being prepared on December 10, coinciding with Global Human Legal rights Day, as a implies to “help save democratic concepts” in the wake of alleged tries to control dietary behavior of specific teams, Shankar, one particular of the organisers of the proposed event, mentioned here nowadays.  

The university has a historical past of reflecting on “anti- democratic and hegemonistic” incidents in the entire world, said Shankar, who claimed to be a member of the All India Pupils Federation (AISF), affiliated to Communist Social gathering of India. Leaders of distinct political events are being invited for the competition, which he mentioned, is not supposed to target anybody.  

In the meantime, BJP MLA from Goshamahal below Raja Singh vowed to cease the festival, declaring cow is a sacred animal for crores of folks in the country. Some other outfits are opposing the occasion.   

A memorandum has been submitted to the university Vice -Chancellor, arguing that if “beef festival” is permitted, an occasion to worship the cow should also be authorized to be held in the campus, Singh mentioned.            

There is a political conspiracy guiding the proposed event, he alleged. Declaring that Telangana BJP President G Kishan Reddy “spoke in favour of not halting the beef pageant”, Singh hit out at his celebration leader.           

Reddy ought to stage down from his publish, he additional.

The New Indian Specific – Top News – http://www.newindianexpress.com/prime_news/