U.S. Navy to strengthen cooperation with South Korea, commander says

Bandar Sabung Ayam

SEOUL, Nov. 23 (UPI) — The commander of U.S. Naval Forces Korea said he ideas to strengthen cooperation in between the Navy’s Seventh Fleet and the South Korea Navy, following recently relocating to the South Korean port city of Busan.

Navy Capt. William D. Byrne Jr. informed South Korean information company Yonhap on Monday the Seventh Fleet, headquartered in Yokosuka, Japan, and assigned to the defense of the Korean peninsula, does not keep vessels or fighter jets in South Korea, but is to perform a role in drawing the two Navies closer in cooperation.

Byrne mentioned the cooperation would include submarine and maritime patrol functions, YTN documented.

The United States has strengthened its naval alliances with regional associates as a dispute with China grows above Beijing’s land reclamation actions in the South China Sea.

Final week, Washington pledged $ 79 million that would go toward the maritime safety of the Philippines. The U.S. assistance would be centered on constructing a instruction, logistical foundation for expanding the Philippine Navy, Coast Guard and Air Forces’ ability to undertake maritime functions.

Byrne said that in South Korea, the naval cooperation would perform towards peace on the Korean peninsula and regional balance.

“Hand-in-hand with our [South Korea] associates, we keep an eye on [the North’s creating abilities], which can make it even more essential that we operate shoulder-to-shoulder,” he mentioned. “That is a excellent example of the worth of the go from Seoul to Busan to be excellent neighbors.”

The relocation procedure to Busan took spot progressively, beginning final February. There are still currently 40 U.S. Navy staff in Seoul, but fifty currently have moved to Busan.

Byrne mentioned the current North Korea declaration of a no-sail zone off the eastern coastline of the peninsula is not uncommon, and that it stays to be witnessed no matter whether or not Pyongyang is to perform a test launch of a missile.

The naval commander said he is closely monitoring the scenario.

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