Indian women protest menstrual scanner with #HappyToBleed campaign

Bandar Sabung Ayam

NEW DELHI, Nov. 24 (UPI) — A feminist team in India launched a Facebook marketing campaign in response to a controversial assertion from the chief of the Sabarimala Temple in regards to women’s menstruation.

Prayar Gopalakrishnan, president of the Travancore Devaswom Board, mentioned that he would feel about permitting women into the temple if a device that could “check the purity of females” was invented. His statement was achieved with a response from the Fb website page Feminism in India, which released the #HappyToBleed campaign.

“Ladies are denied entry to the temple simply because of the belief that menstruation can make them impure,” a post on the website page study. “We have commenced a campaign, #HappyToBleed, as a sort of resistance in opposition to patriarchal beliefs about menstruation, and chauvinist notions that contemplate ladies the house of men, or culture.”

The campaign encourages ladies to photograph on their own with posters and sanitary napkins exhibiting the message “Pleased to Bleed” in purchase to spread awareness and problem patriarchal ideals.

“A lot more than one hundred girls have posted their photographs to Facebook keeping banners and placards, with catchy slogans, and several far more have shared these images on their timelines,” Nikita Azad, who initially proposed the campaign informed the BBC.

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