SA legislation change leads to new bid for murder conviction appeal

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Posted December 08, 2015 fifteen:eighteen:forty nine

A modify in laws, which resulted in an Adelaide man’s murder conviction being overturned after he spent two a long time in prison, has sparked the charm of one more historic situation.

Frits Van Beelen is making use of for go away to charm his murder conviction, twenty five many years following completing his seventeen-year jail expression.

Van Beelen was identified responsible of murdering teen Deborah Leach at Taperoo Seashore, in Adelaide’s north-west in July 1971.

Ms Leach’s partially clothed physique was discovered buried in seaweed at 4:20am, far more than twelve hours following she was final observed managing toward the beach front.

Van Beelen admitted to getting at the beach around the time Ms Leach was last noticed, and he experienced earlier convictions for indecent publicity and attempted rape.

He was found responsible following getting brought to trial 2 times and submitted many unsuccessful appeals.

But new legal guidelines in South Australia now permit one more attractiveness after a felony has exhausted all charm avenues, if clean and persuasive proof can be developed.

It was by way of this laws change Henry Keogh had his murder conviction overturned.

Mr Keogh was unveiled from jail very last December, soon after investing 20 a long time driving bars.

He experienced been convicted in 1995 of drowning his fiancée Anna Jane Cheney in a tub at the couple’s Magill residence in Adelaide’s north-eastern suburbs in March 1994.

That conviction was overturned by the Courtroom of Prison Attractiveness, following it located there was a miscarriage of justice owing to flawed forensic evidence and he was released on bail to await a retrial.

The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) elected not to proceed with a re-trial and the demand was dropped.

The charm read the then main forensic pathologist, Dr Colin Manock, who testified at the trial that Ms Cheney was held underneath the h2o, later on modified his mind about critical proof, which includes the age of bruises on her legs.

The Supreme Court docket was told Dr Manock also gave evidence in Van Beelen’s circumstance.

Dr Mannock ‘unqualified, incompetent and untrustworthy’

Van Beelen’s counsel Kevin Borick QC statements Dr Manock was not experienced to give evidence.

“The proof that we depend on establishes that he was unqualified, incompetent and untrustworthy,” Mr Borick said.

“It is a broad dependent attack [on Dr Manock].”

Dr Manock was not trustworthy, he unsuccessful to disclose [information] and he used inconsistent science.

Kevin Borick QC

The courtroom heard the clean evidence supplied by Van Beelen’s authorized team provided a few posts increasing uncertainties about the scientific strategies utilized by Dr Manock to determine Ms Leach’s time of death.

Dr Manock established that she had been killed by salt water drowning amongst 4:00pm and four:30pm on July 15, 1971.

He also stated she experienced been sexually assaulted right after her loss of life.

Dr Manock relied on an examination of Ms Leach’s tummy contents and calculated the time necessary to procedure the foods to determine that she experienced been killed by four:30pm.

Other experts recommend physique temperature is an accepted way to figure out time of demise, but Dr Manock did not report the temperatures.

Mr Borick advised the Supreme Court docket in five other cases Dr Manock was included in, he experienced been identified to have provided unreliable proof and in the Keogh case he had “intentionally hid” or unsuccessful to disclose vital evidence.

Dr Colin Manock Photo: Van Beelen’s lawful team are arguing Dr Colin Manock was not certified to give proof. (YouTube)

“He realized that what he instructed the jury wasn’t accurate, but he was never billed with perjury,” Mr Borick said.

“He in no way experienced the skills to allow him to give proof.

“Dr Manock was not trustworthy, he unsuccessful to disclose [data] and he utilized inconsistent science.”

But Solicitor-General Martin Hinton has elevated inquiries about the admissibility and freshness of any new proof being offered in Van Beelen’s scenario.

“The proof is not in an admissible type. The rules of proof implement,” he said.

“There is no skilled, there is nobody who has filed an affidavit stating ‘here is the entire body of knowledge’.

“You do not start without having a witness.

“There is a issue with the admissibility of the new material which is arguably new and compelling evidence no matter whether or not it is now new in the context of a issue which is now forty a long time aged.

“If there was a reside witness and an affidavit, possibly there would be a issue that was reasonably arguable.”

Similar appeals to arrive pursuing Keogh’s achievement

Mr Hinton informed the courtroom it was very likely a quantity of comparable appeals had been in the works pursuing the passing of the new laws and the success of Mr Keogh.

This is a new electricity. It is 1 we are told will be used and utilised and utilised, again and yet again and once again.

Martin Hinton, Solicitor Standard

“This is a new energy. It is one we are advised will be utilized and utilized and used, once again and once more and again,” Mr Hinton mentioned.

“If that’s the case, with no disrespect, but you have to line your ducks up. This has not been carried out in this situation.”

Mr Hinton explained while Dr Manock had been criticised about his involvement in five circumstances, none included the identical established of circumstances.

“None of which concerned the identical kind of death – saltwater drowning – of system the Keogh scenario was refreshing drinking water drowning. It truly is crucial to make a difference.

“But your Honour is asked to say Dr Manock lacks competence at all.”

Justice David Lovell mentioned he was “troubled” by the admissibility of the posts provided by Van Beelen’s authorized staff, but said it was “inescapable that this is heading to the Total Court docket (of the Supreme Courtroom) one particular way or yet another”.

He referred the subject to the Courtroom of Prison Attractiveness, in which a few Supreme Court judges will consider no matter whether Van Beelen must be given permission to appeal from his conviction.

Outside court docket Mr Borick said he would take into account no matter whether to give an professional as part of the authorization to attraction argument.

The issue will be listened to on a day to be fixed.

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